Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NPR Classical 50 on Spotify

Here's the Spotify playlist: NPR Classical 50

Please check out NPR's wonderful site for introduction to each recording.

For the recordings that are not currently avaialbe on Spotify, I have substituted them with the best different recordings of the same composition I can find.

Off every recording I chose the same track that NPR sampled on their site to add to the playlist, like most playlists on this blog, it should just function as an index, you are advised to click the album title in the playlist and listen to the full composition.

Kudos to NPR, and enjoy the music:)

Here's the playlist NPR Classical 50.


  1. Think you missed the Wagner Barenboim

  2. Thanks, I have 50 tracks in the playlist, but it was made two years ago on my Spotify UK account, before Spotify launched in the US, so many tracks might be unavailable due to geographical restrictions (an annoying antic in the digital age). I will update this playlist with a US account soon.

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