Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Edition Klavier-Festival Ruhr on Spotify

"Every year from May to July, the Ruhr Piano Festival – hailed by FonoForum magazine as “the most important piano festival in the world” – presents sixty to seventy concerts featuring outstanding artists from a host of different nations, thus offering a truly unique quantity and frequency of musical activities." continue reading the intro on the official site of Klavier-Festival Ruhr (the Ruhr Piano Festival).

And from the long version of the intro: "By preserving and releasing recordings of outstanding performances, our boxed CD sets in the Edition Klavier-Festival Ruhr have brought the Festival added prestige and renown. Since 2005, the Ruhr Piano Festival has been treading new paths in its attempt to preserve valuable artistic performances for the future."

The result is simply astounding. Tired of seeing the 27th Mozart A major sonata released this year? Check out this series for piano four-hand version of The Magic Flute and Haydn's The Seasons! The repertoire ranges from John Dowland to Philip Glass, and features a dazzling series of new talents as well as world renowned pianists. Highly recommended to all piano music lovers.

Here's the Spotify playlist: Edition Klavier-Festival Ruhr (820 tracks, total time: 2 days). Recordings are arranged by release date, as listed on the label's site. Press Ctrl (CMD on Macs) + G to browse in album view.


  1. Thank you for posting such a comprehensive playlist. I'd previously stumbled across the Haydn Seasons - an astonishing transcription for piano with four hands - so it'll be good to listen to other albums in the series.

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