Monday, January 10, 2011

Open Playlist: 2011 New Classical Releases

Since Spotify still doesn't offer an iTunes store-like interface that you can browse the new recordings easily, I think it would be handy to have all new classical releases in one open playlist.

Here's the Spotify playlist: 2011 New Classical Releases (As of 2011, Jan. 10th, 114 tracks, 10 hours) You are welcome to add in any new classical release you found. Please note: only newly recorded or never before released archive recordings that are released in 2011, are qualified. Reissues and repackaged box-sets don't belong here. As for the definition of classical... well, I hate to drew the line, but in order to keep it simple, I'd say that Ludovico Einaudi and "String Quartet Tribute to Metallica" don't belong here either. I may listen to Einaudi under certain circumstance, but not in this playlist. And if I'm going to give Metallica a spin, which I do occasionally, give me the real thing instead of a string quartet.

You can also check out new releases on Afront's New on Spotify page.

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  1. I added in Hilary Hahn's recording of Higdon's violin concerto, it was released in the US last September, but on DG's site, it's now appeared on the new releases section and marked "Int. Release 03 Jan. 2011".