Friday, January 14, 2011

Hidden David Zinman Mahler Cycle on Spotify

"David Zinman's Mahler cycle has been among the most significant recording achievements of the last few years, if not without its controversies."  - Guardian Music

Just like the hidden Michael Gielen recordings, David Zinman's complete Mahler cycle is available on Spotify, but all tagged wrong (mostly as Barenboim). I hope Spotify would add a simple feedback function so users can report problems inside the client.

Here's the Spotify playlist: Mahler: 10 Symphonies - David Zinman (68 tracks, total time: 13 hours) Some albums might be unavailable in the UK or Sweden at this moment, but I believe soon enough the archaic digital copyright laws will die off, geographic restrictions in the age of cloud computing is a sick joke that no one finds funny anymore. Press Ctrl (CMD on Macs) + G to browse in album view.


  1. Thank you and yes, Symphonies 3 and 4 are not available in the UK. Such restrictions seem insane (and poor commercial sense) in the 21st century). But the music industry has never been one to grasp the "new technology" with any speed

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