Friday, May 6, 2011

Album View Officially Supported + 138 Decca Originals

Eight months after the Album View model was discovered, it finally went official in Spotify's latest version (download here if you haven't auto-updated). Now you can see the View as Album List option in the View menu. More importantly, Spotify now saves your settings, including album view for every playlist. Now you can set a playlist in album view, adjust columns into suitable lengths (most of the time I don't need to see the Added  and User columns), and it will remain so even after restarting Spotify.

Here's a playlist to showcase this new feature: Decca: The Originals (3011 tracks, 138 albums, total time: 1 week). It collects all 138 recordings from the Decca Originals series (to quote the Decca site, they are ...Legendary Recordings from the DECCA Catalogue, critically acclaimed performances of Decca artists past and present.) in one place, arranged by (re-)release dates. Check out Decca's official page for full discography.