Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Navona Records on Spotify

I stumbled upon composer Kile Smith through Kenneth Woods' blog, and found out that the label which released Smith's Vespers, the Navona Records, had made a series of contemporary classical recordings, and most of them are on Spotify.

Links to the composers featured on this label: Hans Bakker, Donald Martino, Allen Brings, John Carollo, Jonathan Sacks, Lawrence Siegel, Keith Kramer,Jason Barabba, Shawn Crouch, Stephen Yip, James Romig, Tasos Stylianou, Margaret Fairlie-Kennedy, Sally Reid, Marty Regan, Kile Smith, Hee Yun Kim. And ensemble Piffaro.

Here's the Spotify playlist: label:Navona (173 tracks, total time 14 hours) Press Ctrl (CMD on Macs) + G to browse in album view. Give the Vespers a try, it may reverse your view on contemporary classical music. And if you want to buy records to support this innovative indie classical label, here's a good news: the Navona CDs come with PDF study scores, session photos, and information about composers and performers as bonus enhanced CD content.