Wednesday, November 2, 2011

François Couperin: Thematic Catalogue on Spotify

From Wikipedia: François Couperin (1668 –1733) was a French Baroque composer, organist and harpsichordist. He was known as Couperin le Grand ("Couperin the Great") to distinguish him from other members of the musically talented Couperin family.

This playlist includes his complete works for harpsichord, organ, chamber music, sacred and secular vocal compositions, sorted by genre. See list of works here. I used Olivier Baumont's Erato recording of the complete harpsichord works, and Complete Chamber Music on Brilliant, as the draft of the playlist, then I replaced individual works with other excellent recordings that I could find on Spotify. Therefore, this playlist offers plenty of choices, and it's easier to tell different installments from each other when browsing in Album View.  After the vocal works, I also put three track from other members of the Couperin family at the end of the playlist. One from Armand-Louis Couperin, two pieces by Louis Couperin: an allemande played on a harpsichord built in 1658; Pavanne in F-Sharp from Richard Egarr's new complete set of L.Couperin's harpsichord works.

Here's the Spotify playlist: François Couperin: Thematic Catalogue (655 tracks, total time: 1 day) Ctrl (CMD)+G to browse in album view.