Monday, November 21, 2011

Edward Elgar: Complete Works With Opus Number

"For thirty years after his death in 1934, his music was considered to be 'out of fashion'. It was said to epitomise the Edwardian era and to have no relevance to a later age. I believe, however, that it is far too great to be tied to one short period of history and that, in any case, it is music of so personal a nature that it can be described accurately not as 'Edwardian' but only as 'Elgarian'." Michael Kennedy - 'Portrait of Elgar'

"Those years had seen change accelerate as never before in human history. His response had been to seek the illumination of time remembered. For all those of his generation and the future who would feel the insight of retrospection, he had made of that evanescence his music." Jerrold Moore - 'Edward Elgar - A Creative Life'

The playlist collects Edward Elgar's complete works with opus number, including the unfinished Pomp And Circumstance March No. 6 and Symphony No.3 (both completed by Anthony Payne), and a few songs without opus number: two teenage songs are placed at the beginning, The Wind at Dawn after Op. 7, and four more songs from Seven Lieder of Edward Elgar are included together Op. 16. The last track of the playlist is a unused fragment from the NMC recording of the complete sketches for the Third Symphony, exactly as the composer left them.

Here's the Spotify playlist: Edward Elgar: Complete Works with Opus Number (390 tracks, total time: 32 hours) Ctrl (CMD)+G to browse in album view. See list of works here.