Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sergei Prokofiev: Op. 1-135

Today is Sergei Prokofiev's 119th birthday,I made a playlist of his complete works with opus number to celebrate the most popular composer of 20th century classical music. But since Chandos Records was mostly removed from Spotify for unknown reasons, this playlist is kind of broken. Please uncheck "Hide unplayable tracks" in Spotify's preference, otherwise you will only see some 700 tracks. Here's the list of works on wikipedia.

And here's the Spotify playlist: Sergei Prokofiev: Op. 1-135 (928 tracks, 2.6 days) Sorted by opus numbers. The picture above is the last known photo of the composer, taken in 1952. He died on March 5th, 1953, the very same day as Joseph Stalin.

Please leave a comment if you find substitutions for the removed Chandos albums or any works that I forgot to put in this playlist, thanks.


  1. Unfortunately, the Delos "Songs and Romances" album that provides most of the vocal works on this playlist has been entered incorrectly into the Spotify database - the audio of discs 2 and 3 is swapped, so all the works on those discs have the wrong track titles. (Or, more precisely, the first 22 tracks of both discs are swapped. Disc 3 only has 22 tracks; tracks 23-27 of disc 2 somehow managed to get separated from the rest of disc 2 and end up with the right titles.)

    Your playlist follows the track titles for all the affected works, so it doesn't actually have the right audio in the right places. For example, the two tracks that you thought were Op. 9 are actually the first two songs from Op. 23. Etc.

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