Sunday, March 6, 2011

157 BBC Legends On Spotify

Thanks to Tam Pollard's wonderful post BBC Legends Come to Spotify, I  discovered this great new addition to Spotify's classical library. Check out his post, the Medici Arts's official site and Presto for background info and discography. I have collected all available recordings of this series on Spotify into one place.

Here's the Spotify playlist: BBC Legends. (157 albums, 2050 tracks, total time: one week) Press Ctrl (CMD on Macs) + G to browse in album view. Enjoy.


  1. Just updated this playlist, now it has 210 albums, 2532 tracks.

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  5. "157 BBC Legends on Spotify" offers a treasure trove of iconic recordings from the BBC archives, showcasing legendary performances by renowned artists across genres. From classical masterpieces to groundbreaking rock and pop concerts, this curated collection provides a rich listening experience for music enthusiasts. With high-quality audio and historical significance, these recordings offer a glimpse into the evolution of music and broadcasting. Overall, it's a must-listen playlist for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the timeless legacy of BBC music.
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