Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Carl Nielsen: Complete Works with Opus Number

Carl Nielsen in 1910
Spotify launches in Denmark today, the great news gave me the best reason to compile a playlist for the greatest Danish composer Carl Nielsen. I always wanted to explore more Nielsen, since his symphonies and clarinet concerto are spectacular.

The playlist includes all works assigned with opus numbers by the composer, and I tried to feature as many excellent recordings as possible. So you will see the six symphonies and four quartets by six different conductors and four ensembles respectively. The Symphony No.6 and flute concerto don't have an opus number, I put them at the end of the playlist. Please leave a comment if you want to suggest other important works without opus number, and I will add them.

Here's the Spotify playlist: Carl Nielsen: Complete Works with Opus Number (181 tracks, total time: 14 hours) Press Ctrl (CMD)+G to browse in album view. See list of works on this Wikipedia page.


  1. There doesn't seem to be a Symphony No. 4 in your list.

  2. There's Rattle's EMI recording of the 4th in the playlist. Maybe it's not available in your country due to the geographical restrictions (applied by the labels, not Spotify, by the way). You can browse the full playlist by unchecking "hide unplayable tracks" in Spotify preferences.

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