Friday, January 27, 2012

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Complete Chronological Catalogue on Spotify, Version 2.0

"We cannot despair about mankind knowing that Mozart was a man."  - Albert Einstein

I compiled first version of this playlist in July, 2010, it was the Philips's 180-CD Complete Mozart Edition rearranged in chronological order. I totally remade it last month, because: 1, I want to add more variety into this playlist; 2, About half of the Philips recordings are not available in Spotify USA. 3, There are dozens of works are not recorded for the Philips Edition, including newly discovered pieces.

After the remake/expansion, this playlists now include 2802 tracks from more than 470 recordings, covering most of the excellent Mozart interpreters and important recordings from the stereo era that I know of, and most of the tracks are now available in both Spotify UK and USA.

I tried to find all of Mozart works in recorded form. The criteria for inclusion are: 1, all works included in the Philips Edition, even a few works (like K44) are not authentic; 2, all fragments and unfinished works should be here, in their original form when possible (I have to include the completed version of the Requiem, but another recording of only the notes written by Mozart is also featured); 3, all doubtful works, unless they are proved definitely spurious (like Symphony No. 2 & 3), are included. In addition to all works listed in the main list of the Köchel catalogue, this playlist also contains these works below:

K44/K73u, Cibavit eos
K61h, Minuet
K72a, Piano Sonata in G
K74g/K.Anh 216, Symphony in Bb
K91/K186i, Kyrie in D
K142, Tatum ergo in Bb
K196e & K196f, Wind Octets in Eb and Bb
K197, Tatum ergo in D
K198, Offertory "Sub Tuum Praesidium"
K223/K166e, The Osanna (and sketches on same page)
K288/K246c, Fragment of a Divertimento in F
K293/K416f, Oboe Concerto Fragment
K293e, "19 Coloratura Cadenzas to J.C. Bach Arias"
K297b/K.Anh C14.01, 4-Wind Sinfonia Concertante
K299c, Fragmentary Ballet Pieces
K299d/K.Anh 103, The "Chasse"
K312/189i/590d, Piano Sonata Fragment in G
K314, Flute Concerto in D, 2 Versions
K315a - K315g, 8 Minuets
K320e, The Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola, Cello
K322, Kyrie in Eb
K323, Kyrie in C
K357, 4-Hand Piano Sonata
K370b, Horn Concerto
K375b, c & d/K.Anh 42, 43 & 45, Two 2-piano fragments
K396, Sonata movement or Fantasia
K403/K385c, K404/K385d, K402/K385e, Pieces for Piano and Violin
K426a/K.Anh 44, Allegro in c-minor for 2-pianos
K429/K468a, Cantata, Dir Seele des Weltalls
K440/K383h, Soprano Aria "In te spero, o sposo amato"
K442, 3 Fragments of Piano Trios in d-minor, G, and D
K443/K404b, Trio-Sonata Fugue in G
K446, Pantomime Music
K452a/K.Anh 54, Larghetto in B flat for Piano, Oboe, Clarinet, Basset Horn and Bassoon
K464a/K.Anh 72, Rondo movement in A
K484b/K.Anh 95, Fragment for Wind
K484e, Fragment of Allegro for Bassetthorn
K494a/K.Anh 98A, Horn Concerto fragment in E major
K498a/K.Anh 136, Piano Sonata in Bb
K514a/K.Anh 80, Movement for 2 Violins, 2 Violas, and Cello in B-flat
K515c/K.Anh 79, String Quintet Fragment in A
K516c/K.Anh 91, Clarinet Quintet Fragment
K535b/K.Anh 107, Fragment of a Contredance
K562e/K.Anh66, Fragment for String Trio
K565a, Contredance
K580a/K.Anh94, Adagio for 4 Instruments
K580b/K.Anh 90, Clarinet/Bassethorn Quintet in F
K589a/K.Anh 68, Fragments for the Final Movement of this String Quartet
K621a/K.Anh 245, The Aria "Io ti lascio"
K621b, Fragment of Bassetthorn Concerto in G
K623a, Austrian National Hymn
K.Anh 138, Andante variatio
K.Anh 137, Piano Variations on Clarinet Quintet K581
K.deest, Soprano Aria "Cara. Se le mio pene"
K.deest, Symphony"Neue Lambacher"
K.deest, Larghetto and Allegro for 2-Pianos in Eb
K.deest, "Modulating Prelude"
K.deest, Interval Canons


Anhang I: Lost authentic compositions (Anh. 1 - 11)
Anhang II: Fragmentary Compositions (Anh. 12 - 109)
Anhang III: Transcribed works by others (Anh. 110 - 184)
Anhang IV: Doubtful Compositions (Anh. 185 - 231)
Anhang V: Spurious Compositions (Anh 232 - 294)

I included all the Bach arrangements in their entirety, as for Mozart's arrangement of Handel's oratorios (K566, 572, 591, 592) I only put in one track per piece.

Here's the Spotify playlists: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Complete Chronological Catalogue based on K6 (2802 tracks, from more than 370 artists, on more than 470 recordings, total time: 190 hours) Ctrl (CMD)+G to browse in album view. Works are arranged in chronological order based on the 6th edition of the Köchel catalogue, for works not listed there, I consulted various online sources and Hermann Abert's definite biography W.A. Mozart, but I am no expert, please leave a comment if you find any mistakes in the track order, or find anything that I left over. Thank you.

More references: Main Köchel, Mini Köchel, list of Fragment Recordings, what's on and not on the Philips Edition.

You can use this playlist to play the Mozart Game, or create as many smaller playlist as you want: just press Ctrl(CMD)+F to bring out the filter bar, then input, say, oboe:

You get all the Mozart works for oboe.

or Horn:




Piano Concerto:

For unknown reasons, Spotify took out the stats from the filter bar, and now you cannot see those track/artists/albums numbers. The screenshots were taken with the previous version of Spotify. Also please note these sub-playlists are not as exhaustive as the main list, as tracks on Spotify are tagged by different labels using their own methods, for example: some piano sonatas are tagged as "keyboard sonatas".

If you miss the old one based on the Philips Edition, here's another Spotify playlist: Philips Complete Compact Mozart Edition - 17 Box-sets (2636 tracks, total time: 180 hours)

Happy birthday Wolfie, thank you for the music.


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