Wednesday, July 7, 2010

W.A.Mozart: Complete Chronological Catalogue on Spotify

I made this playlist, which features every known musical work by Mozart, after the sixth edition of Köchel catalogue. The compositions in this playlist are sorted chronologically (not by numbers from KV 1 to KV 626, as many more pieces have been found, re-attributed, and re-dated after the KV numbers were designated). Most of the recordings are from Philips' Complete Mozart Edition that covers almost all compositions in Köchel's catalogue. I know playlists at this size might not be very convenient, but you can always break them down into as many sub-playlists as you want, and you may also use the filter bar to find the works you want to listen in the playlist at ease.

Here's the Spotify playlist: W.A.Mozart: Complete Chronological Catalogue (2654 tracks, total time: 1week)

Two more recordings worth checking out: a good sampler of the Philips edition: Mozart: Compactotheque, and the Naxos audiobook, Life And Works: Mozart. And the great biography W.A. Mozart by Hermann Abert. Thank you Herr Mozart, for the eternal blessing of your music, love and humanity. I hope this playlist could serve as a useful guide to Spotify users' Mozart journey.


  1. I do like your blog and read it regularly, but it would be nice if you would go back to do shorter more personalised playlists rather than massive complete catalogues of an individual composer. Those shorter lists are much more interesting and accessible to newbie classical music converts like myself.

  2. Great! I appreciate your work very much. And what a work it must have been to make this catalogue!
    Best regards Jon
    Classical music lover

  3. Plain and simple:

    Thank you!

    Classical music lover
    Mexican living in Spain

  4. I deleted the Mozart arrangements of Handel works from this playlist, though they were assigned Köchel numbers. Now it has 2533 tracks.

  5. Wow, wow, wow. How long did it take you to put that together?! I'm so glad I discovered your blog. I hope you don't follow-through with the comment made by NN above and go back to making shorter playlists. If anything, a mix of the two would be a good compromise, but I quite like a chronological catalogue of a composer's entire works.

  6. Great - I've been wondering for some time how I might listen to 'everything by Mozart' most easily, preferably in the classic Phillips edition, and you made it a one click process!

    I like the list like this and don't want to see it split up. The poster who wants this could use this as a resource and create his own list, and then make 'his kind of newbie' happy by publishing that.

    What is the source for your chronological list? There are differences from that in the Cambridge Mozart Encyclopaedia. Give the nature of this subject there will always be differences between experts, of course!

  7. As I said in the original post, the source is:

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