Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The 7th Set of Bach Cantatas on Spotify

A new one voice per part (OVPP) series of Bach cantata recordings by La Petite Bande and conductor Sigiswald Kuijken is underway on Accent Records. The series will comprise 17 (some say 20) hybrid SACDs; not a complete set, but enough for a complete liturgical year. Classic FM comments: "The surround-sound experience, in which all voices register clearly within the setting of a large, reverberant space, aids contemplation of words and music. Then there is the sheer quality of Las Petite Bande's musicmaking, which blends impeccable period style with genuine substance of expression."

Get Kuijken's Bach cantatas set in one Spotify playlist: Bach Cantatas - Kuijken (310 tracks, total time: 15 hours). Ctrl (CMD) + G to browse in album view. An earlier Kuijken/LPB/Accent recording of Bach's cantatas for solo voices is not part of the series, but I included it at the end of the playlist. More links: discussions on this set at Bach Cantatas; a video of La Petite Bande Live at Ambronay 2009.

I made playlists for the other six complete sets of Bach cantatas in 2010: Rilling, Suzuki, Gardiner and Harnoncourt & Leonhardt, Leusink, Koopman (check out those posts for useful links). At that time many recordings were missing on Spotify; now every released recording from those sets are available, and the playlists were updated (if you already subscribed to them, they will update automatically in your place).

Playlists for the other six sets:

Bach Cantatas - Gardiner (1119 tracks)
Bach Cantatas - Harnoncourt & Leonhardt (1239 tracks)
Bach Cantatas - Koopman (1518 tracks)
Bach Cantatas - Leusink (1219 tracks)
Bach Cantatas - Rilling (1143 tracks)
Bach Cantatas - Suzuki (1213 tracks) 


  1. There are also wonderful but incomplete cantatas sets recorded by Karl Richter, Eric Milnes and Hans-Joachim Rotzsch that are worth seeking out.

  2. I have been following the Gardiner set, which had some volumes that disappeared from Spotify. I have just seen your note that they are restored, and available in your play list. And, fantastic - they ARE there ! Thanks so much, I had missed them coming back.

    As a set, I think that the Gardiner pilgrimage is absolutely wonderful.

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