Monday, September 10, 2012

Bob Dylan: Tempest Pre-mix on Spotify

Tempest, Bob Dylan's 35 studio album, is his first album of original material since I got into Spotify (shortly after Together Through Life). I listened to the free streaming on iTunes a few times last week and I've already like it better than Modern Times, which is also one of my top 10 Dylan albums. Scarlet Town sounds like the destination he set out for in Ain't Talking, and Pay In Blood, the biggest surprise in the album ("No one has ever articulated furious contempt more vividly than Dylan at his peak, an emotion that's been noticeably lacking from his recent albums" - Guardian review), is one of the darkest songs I've heard.

I compiled a playlist after this thread on Expectation Rain, the biggest online Dylan community. According to the OP it's a "pre-mix of songs that Dylan new record echoes, quotes from, or just kind of remind me & others of in a strange way right now". It's a great mix of early blues, bluegrass and folk songs (Memphis Jug Band, Big Joe Turner, Uncle Dave Macon, Bill Monroe, Louis Jordan, Mississippi Sheiks, Bobby Fuller Four and more) that Dylan drew inspiration from; some have been played on his Theme Time Radio Hour.

Get this collection in one Spotify playlist: Bob Dylan – Tempest Pre-mix (42 tracks, total time: 2 hours). Ctrl (CMD) + G to browse in album view. More suggestions are much welcome.

P.S. Tempest is already available on Spotify EU, and should be available on Spotify US tomorrow.