Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Collaborative Playlist: 2012 New Classical Releases

Three days into the new year, we already have more than 100 new classical releases on Spotify. I created a collaborative playlist for newly recorded classical recordings released in 2012, please feel free to add any new recording you stumble upon. I appreciate it if you can 1, check if the recording is already in the playlist (press Ctrl+F for the filter bar, then type in the album title to look up); 2, make sure it's not a compilation or repackaging of previously released materials, or newly reissued/remastered historical recording.

Thanks to many contributors, the 2011 new classical releases index playlist was a great success. But towards the end of last year, more than 100 tracks disappeared from that 1300+ tracks playlist. I thought it might be someone deleting the superfluous titles, until I noticed that the excellent Mozart recording from Kristian Bezuidenhout was also deleted. I hope it was an accident, and Spotify can make collaborative playlist more easy to use, like only allowing adding but not deleting.

Here's the collaborative playlist: 2012 New Classical Releases Index (as of 2011/01/03, 102 tracks from 102 albums 16 hours). Ctrl (CMD)+G to browse in album view.  Please add one track from one recording only, at the top of the playlist, so we can browse the new releases without scrolling down to the end. Thank you.


Update: 10 hours after I published this post, I found 17 tracks were deleted from the playlist. It seems that someone is intentionally messing up with it. Please stop, it is not my job to go through Spotify's classical library weekly and I don't get paid by Spotify, me and other users just want to have a convenient index of all the new classical releases on Spotify. Thanks for your cooperation.


  1. I just want to slap labels who can't be bothered including composer names in their metadata (which is one reason why it's so frustrating to find or buy classical music on iTunes or Spotify).

    Is there any way of annotating Spotify playlists to include such extra information?

  2. Mike, so far there's no way to add extra information to playlists. It seems to me that at least 80% of new classical releases have composer's name somewhere in their metadata (album or track titles), try search:

    year:2012 bach

  3. Yeah, I was just noticing that the very first track on the original list you published had no composer information. I had to google the opus details to work out it was by Bruckner. The album thumbnail text is so tiny, you have to know the text you're looking for to find it.

  4. Add only playlist might not help. Unwanted additions are potentially as annoying as unwanted deletions. What might help is if Spotify created a facility for the playlist curator to nominate a trusted group of users who would have the necessary permissions

  5. looks like more deletions made, its 44 tracks now.

  6. In general, how are you identifying new classical albums as they appear on Spotify? By search only?


    1. Me and other contributors put in the new releases when we stumble upon them. You can also use http://pansentient.com/new-on-spotify/ and wildcard search (year:2012 + key words).

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