Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Release: Thomas Adès – Tevot, Violin concerto, Couperin Dances

"One of the most accomplished and complete musicians of his generation."  - The New York Times on Thomas Adès, June 2005 

Let's take a break from Brahms and breathe some fresh air. Here's a brand new release from EMI Classics, out on this Monday!

World premiere release of four of Thomas Adès' new works recorded live, partly conducted by the composer himself, and, in the case of Tevot, by Sir Simon Rattle with the BPO.

More details on EMI's official site.

I heard about this release from EMI Classics on Twitter earlier this week then did a search in Spotify, at that time no result, so I listened to Adès' Powder Her Face instead that night... Today I was browsing through Afront's New On Spotify Page and saw this one. Kudos to EMI, for bring the classics as well as exciting contemporary works to music lovers worldwide, and syncing with spotify so efficiently:)


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  3. The New York Times named Thomas Adès one of the most skilled artists of 2005.
    EMI Classics issued four new compositions by Adès, including a world premiere.
    Adès conducted the recording in part live, with Sir Simon Rattle joining him for "Tevot" with the BPO. I find the subject fascinating and am eager to learn more about it. I loved how you provided many opinions on the topic and highlighted different points of view. The quantity of research you put into this post has me impressed.
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