Monday, March 22, 2010

Classical Goes Jazz

We've done a Jazz Goes Classical playlist before, this time it's the other way around. Here I collected recordings in which jazz musicians perform or improvise on classical works, in jazz style, so I didn't include Keith Jarrett or Jan Garbarek's classical recordings.

We've got Dave Brubeck, Oscar Peterson, and The Modern Jazz Quartet plays Bach, Chick Corea plays Mozart, Uri Caine plays Schumann, Wagner and Mahler. And many more. Here's the Spotify playlist: Classical Goes Jazz (185 tracks, 16.5 hours)

And here's the great late Oscar Peterson plays his original composition inspired by Bach's harmonies.

I know there must be many other recordings on Spotify that should be added into this playlist, leave a comment to tell me about your suggestions, thanks:)


  1. How could I forget Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain! Just added in.

  2. Here is one missing : spotify:album:2mkGkivdi0SX5NllHbDoux

  3. Thanks, added in and listening to it now. Bob James on piano!