Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pavarotti and His Pop Star Friends

Pavarotti did many charity concerts with pop artists, and some of the collaborations are excellent. Though I'd rather see him get some kicks from Caravan with Van Morrison, or support the old and husky Joni Mitchell in a soulful Both Sides Now, other than listen to him doing O Sole Mio with a unequal Bryan Adams.

Since one of the albums is made for Cambodia and Tibet, please allow me for some political rant here. I am native Chinese and have never been to Tibet, but I know that Tibet was not always part of China, and I respect Tibetans' culture and their own choices. One thing I don't understand is: for all the pro-Tibet activists, why just say "Free Tibet" but not "Free China"? How could it be possible for the Tibetan to freely express their opinions and vote when all the other PRC citizens still can't? Why don't they dare to admit the real problem of Tibet is that China is not a democracy? Wouldn't it be ridiculous if America was under the totalitarian regime and the Europeans just claim for the rights of native Americans in Alaska? I cannot help but to think that, in some foreigners' minds, the image of the Tibetans are overly romantic: a highly spiritual race living in the roof of the world, communicate with Buddhas and fighting the evil Communists invaders. The truth is, Tibetans suffer from the current status of China as much as every other Chinese people does, and the only peaceful way to free Tibet is to stop the CCP dictating and brings religions liberty and the right to vote to all Chinese people.

Rant over. Here's the Spotify playlist: Pavarotti & Friends (82 tracks, 5 hours) I don't understand why the best song, It's A Man's World with James Brown, is not include in the CD release. Do check out the gorgeous video below.


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