Sunday, August 15, 2010

Classical Music For The Weekends

To quote the introduction from Deutsche Grammophon's official site:

"Weekend Classics lets you discover the world and power of classical music while offering its services as a companion to your weekend and leisure activities.  Whether you are looking to go active, relaxing, romantic or adventurous during your time off, your weekend starts here! These beautifully packaged mood-boosters will be hard to resist."

I guess this "Weekend Classics" series must have been bashed by purists, but these recordings are much more sincere than most other "chill out classical" stuff, which were mainly made up of fragments of earcandies. In fact this series could be a great introduction to classical music, especially for the faint-hearted ones. Just remember, classical music could do much more than just relax your mind, and you could go further after you regroup your forces with the help of these "relaxing" pieces.

Here's the Spotify playlist: DG: A Classical Weekend (458 tracks, total time: 1day)