Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hello America

To celebrate Spotify's entrance into the biggest music market in the world, today let's listen to EMI's American Classics.

Here's the Spotify playlist: EMI: American Classics (612 tracks, total time 1 day) It may work better in Album view. Check out this Presto page for discography and introduction to this series,  and my previous post for the even more comprehensive Naxos American Classics.


  1. Some Spotify Invites I want to share:
    e6AhUCGftuf2t4Zs, a7q6JpMLdhCget7P, eGFnTdGqwXaK5yz8, aKpfyRcxGs2VJkEY, afYdYdYhkZbD5a4E, fpGshAfr3Vzw3StY, dW6CJdn3knbeFeRf, b73SPazpqnCFbgwy, dR4zh3H2f69aJfVq, fmV9weT6yt6Ge2dF, brNCf7Z9WTWYt8ad, cufymkKSprHLEfcH, b7WhH2P95YLFH6RE, eBcUecE3UYCuN6g6, ab6Ne79C7hZRbGKd, arhECJJPDrKG7DZT, eqH2YMWEAU7SdSGu

  2. Thank you Sven, and rejoice American visitors, rejoice:)

  3. dW6CJdn3knbeFeRf just used that one. Thanks!

  4. used dR4zh3H2f69aJfVq thanks!

  5. All of the invites have been used already. Too bad!

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