Monday, August 22, 2011

Best Non-Classical Spotify Source: Pansentient League

If you are a Spotify veteran, you probably already know Pansentient League, the world's largest and most informative independent Spotify blog by Afront, who also maintains the Spotify On The Web page on Spotify's official site. If you are new to Spotify and haven't figured out how to get the most out of this service, the first thing you should do is to find some top tips on Afront's site. Here are some links to some of the best pages there:

New On Spotify: Shows a selection of new releases added to Spotify over the last 7 days, and searchable by genres.

Spotify Top Tips: A slideshow that features top tips that help you to get more from Spotify. Some of them are so fundamentally useful that you got to wonder why Spotify don't tell you about it themselves.

How Spotify Works: If you are curious about how can Spotify streams music as fast as if all music were already on your hard disk, this article is a fascinating read.

Spotify Mobile Faceoff: iPhone vs. Android: Afront is an Android user, also check out his detailed review for the latest version of the Android app.

Stuff for Young Kids on Spotify: There are full of hidden gems inside Spotify's deep catalog, including Yo Gabba Gabba and SpongeBob's Greatest Hits.

The Pansentient League's Guide to Spotify on Kindle: Freshly released yesterday, features all the great tutorials and tips on his site in a professionally edited and formatted ebook. All contents are completely revised and updated, and related topics are arranged into chapters, plus exclusive content. I recommend all Kindle users to download a free sample and see for yourselves.

This post is not an advertisement, it's a tribute to another Spotify blogger who contributed a great lot to the service and its users.


  1. On your advice, I purchased a copy. I found close to nothing that I hadn't figured out for myself or wasn't already available through this note. Fortunately, it is only $3.

    Others may find it of interest who want to stay current. Since I go more towards Furtwangler than the current rock band I do not need to go further than Jeffrey Lipscomb and Ulyssestone.

  2. Let me retract my comment. I had only reviewed the first half of this book when I wrote you. Later this evening I got to the meat when I read further.

    If I had obtained only one idea, the price would have been fine. Instead, I have at least 15 suggestions tagged for review tomorrow. Thank you for the suggestion, and let me apologize to the author if he is following.

    BTW, I still don't understand how "queue" works. Send me a note if you can.

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