Monday, July 30, 2012

David Maslanka: Reverse Chronological Collection

"Honestly I think some of the most brilliant pieces I've ever heard are written for wind band. Maslanka's Symphony No. 4 is my favorite alongside Mahler's 2nd." - a comment on Reddit Classical

Thanks to that intriguing remark, I listened to the Maslanka 4th on Spotify, three times in a row. It's such a revelation, like hearing House of the Rising Sun, or the Bruckner 8th for the first time. I want to explore more of this composer and share this great discovery, so I compiled this reverse chronological playlist, including 8 recordings of the majestic symphony.

Works in this playlist, with links to program notes:
Get this collection in one Spotify playlist: David Maslanka: Reverse Chronological Collection (318 tracks, total time: 42 hours). Ctrl (CMD) + G to browse in album view.


  1. Never heard of him but I'll check this out!

    I was wondering if you were planning to a do a chronological playlist of Martinu at some point. I'm an admirer and a good chunk of his work is lurking on Spotify.

    1. Other people have also requested this, so I'll put it on the to-do list:)

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