Thursday, September 13, 2012

Clara Schumann: Complete Works on Spotify

"Clara Wieck Schumann has often been misleadingly referred to as the wife of composer Robert Schumann, and as one of the leading pianists of her day, rather than as a composer in her own right. Beginning in the last quarter of the twentieth century however, her stature as a composer finally became recognized. Still, she cannot by any reasonable measure be ranked as a major composer, owing in great part to her relatively small output. She nonetheless wrote significant compositions in both the keyboard and vocal realms. Had she been able to devote more time to composition -- she was occupied by maternal matters much of the time, having given birth to eight children -- she might well have risen to the artistic heights of her husband. Some of her later works -- the Six Lieder, Op. 23, for instance -- demonstrate considerable subtlety and depth." - AllMusic

Google Doodle for Clara Schumann's 193rd birthday today
"Concert pianist, composer, mother, wife, German patriot. Saving western civilisation from complete demoralisation one tweet at a time." Her Twitter bio

This playlist includes Clara Schumann's works with opus number, as well as some notable unnumbered works, including a Piano Sonata in g minor, and a Concerto Movement for piano and orchestra. All works are sorted in chronological order. I used several recordings that feature the Schumann couple's works in one disk, and for the Piano Trio, I used the excellent recording from Boulanger Trio.

Get this collection in one Spotify playlist: Clara Schumann - Complete Chronological Catalogue (100 tracks, total time: 5 hours). Ctrl (CMD) + G to browse in album view.