Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More than 40,000 classical albums from Naxos now have composers displayed for every track

Philip Lane – English String Miniatures, Vol. 6
Lincoln Trio – Notable Women
Various Artists – Music for the Zombie Apocalypse
Richard Craig – inward
Barokksolistene – London Calling
This also applies to Pentatone, Ondine, New Amsterdam, and all labels distributed by Naxos. Check out the list here.


  1. Excellent news. Would be great if this could be done for all classical listings. Is this something Spotify does or the record labels?

  2. Just tested the Notable Women album using Spotify on the iPad and no composers showing? Is it only there using Windows Spotify?

  3. Sorry, Ulysses, but not showing in Spotify on Sonos apps either. Hope this additional information will be available across all Spotify platforms?

  4. I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this is not good enough. Composer needs to be a separate field. How would I know which name in the Artist field is the composer unless I already knew it? I'm really growing weary of these hacks.

  5. Hi Ulysses!

    Found that you would like to hear: I'm a Spotify AND a classical music die-hard fan, like you. I developed a classical music interface for Spotify/Rdio/Deezer that makes things much easier for us.

    It's still on alpha - I just released its first build, Mac only (Windows version expected to be launched till Friday) - but I'd love to hear your impressions:


  6. Excited to read this. Can't wait for Windows version!!!


  7. Ken, sign up at and we'll reach you when the Windows version becomes live.

    Curious? has a nice screenshot ;-)

  8. Concertmaster for Windows just released :)

  9. Well done. Excellent.

    Have downloaded okay and installed on PC. Norton tried to block it as unknown software so had to manually override. I had to install Flash but that went okay after I realised downloaded to Download sub folder in Concertmaster - not to my default Download folder. Ran programme using Spotify.

    Tested Concertmaster to find Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 1. Concertmaster found 20+ albums and then straightforward to select and play. Ran same search on Spotify using Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 1 as the search term - came up with a lot more albums but many of them were not first symphony i.e. other symphonies!!!!! But still more No. 1s than Concertmaster found - so search not perfect yet (but that may be because of weak Spotify database?).

    Like the interface. Still feels like a beta but the basics seem to be there fine.

    On a general point, wonder which of the three streaming providers people recommend. Spotify seems to me to have the largest Classical collection, albeit difficult to find specific albums.

    Would be good to be able to store chosen music on Concertmaster as favourites and also creat playlists that will also work on Spotify - useful if using ios or android Spotify app as Concertmaster not designed for mobile (or apple mobiles as needs flash).

    So great start. Would love to know your future plans for its development.

    Thanks a lot for working on this.


    1. Hi, Ken.

      Thank you very much for your great remarks!

      Concertmaster itself doesn't need Flash, but Deezer and Rdio do, so...

      Regarding the collection, in fact Concertmaster doesn't rely on Spotify/Rdio/Deezer - it uses a standalone library, that is quite large, but not complete. E.g., we still doesn't have access to EMI/Warner titles. Same thing happens with some other labels as Supraphon. We are working on expanding our collection, but it evolves quite slowly.

      We are struggling with digital signing and antivirus/security software, in order to provide a smoother install experience. It is a priority to later (non-alpha) builds.

      In fact, you are able to store favorites on Concertmaster - it's as simple as click on the "heart" icon :)

      Mobile is indeed on our roadmap. If everything comes up fine on the desktop side, we will surely create mobile apps! ;-)

      Concertmaster experience is better with Rdio/Deezer than with Spotify, for one reason: Spotify still doesn't have a javascript SDK. We had to rely on the Spotify widget, which is far from perfect.

      If you can, please try to use Concertmaster together with Rdio - it will turn on nice features like the multimovement progress bar and the radio.