Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Grammy Winners for Classical Music on Spotify

Let's do a quick one, here's the full list of winners for classical music.

And here's the Spotify playlist: 2010 Grammy Winners for Classical

MTT's Mahler is not on Spotify yet, neither does Levine's Ravel nor David Lang's The Little Match Girl Passion which won him a Pulitzer in 2008. I collected all the available winner albums, plus three albums under the Classical Producer Of The Year catalog. The new recording of Bernstein's Mass from Naxos is such a treat, just listen to the Lord's Prayer you will know why Steven Epstein won the producer award.

I wasn't going to do this playlist, as I have posted about one of the favourite of my then nominees, and now winner, Higdon's Percussion Concerto, untill I saw this retweet:

#classsicalmusic Refresh your palates from the drivel of the #Grammys with a Britten fugue. Stunning from @BerlinPhil

So now enjoy these wonderful albums on Spotify, and this great fugue:)


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