Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BIS Schnittke Edition On Spotify

Alfred Schnittke (November 24, 1934 – August 3, 1998) was a Russian and Soviet composer. To some people, he is the Soviet composer after Shostakovich.

This playlist collects all 24 titles of the BIS Schnittke Edition in one place, sorted by release dates. All recordings are available on Spotify UK and US in their entirety.

See this BIS page for discography and details.

Here's the Spotify playlist: BIS: The Alfred Schnittke Edition (240 tracks, total time: 1 day) Use Ctrl (CMD)+G to browse.


  1. Actually, Spotify doesn't have this quite complete: the disc with the ninth symphony (listed first on the Bis page) isn't present. But thanks for the playlist.

  2. Thanks, the BIS page only listed 24 titles so I thought it was complete. Will add that album when it become available.

  3. Thanks much for this playlist. I only knew a few Schnittke pieces and there are some gems in this list, particularly the Cello Concerto No. 1.

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