Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Hiatus

2011 has been a good year for this blogger. I saw Bob Dylan and The Barber of Seville for the first time; saw Spotify became a even better service since I started to use it in 2009 (though I slightly worry about their alliance with Facebook) and kept innovating; got to know many interesting online personalities since Spotify launched in five new territories this year, and learned a lot from those who kindly send me emails or contributed guest posts; and all my family are well. I hope it's a good year for you too, and I hope what I did on this site was helpful.

If you enjoyed this blog and want to give something back, you can buy me a book from my Amazon wishlists: (US, UK), or send an Amazon Kindle gift card to my email. Thank you. Here's a longer appeal from last year. The National Library, which is just one block away from my apartment, closed for innovation  (though I am sure that's just an excuse, they did that just like they blocked Twitter, Youtube or Blogger, where this blog is hosted) this year, so any help with books would be much appreciated. Please choose Standard International Shipping for the minimum postage. Getting the books before or after Christmas makes no difference to me, and they always arrived within two weeks though Amazon states 17-28 days.

I fear that might be too much to ask, in this economic turndown. So I also propose this, that I believe most of you can do: if you have any relative or friend who's interested in classical music but hasn't discovered Spotify, please show him/her what Spotify can do for a classical music fan. I truly appreciate your help on spreading the word for this greatest music service, and all the wonderful music it offers.

Thank you all for reading. Happy holidays, and see you in two weeks.


  1. I recently discovered your blog and I would like to thank you for what you have done here. You have introduced me to some great new music I would have never known about otherwise. Cheers!!

  2. Done, the book about Shostakovich's quartets is on its way. Thanks for everything! By the way what is your favorite recording? Hagen Quartet? Best, Giovanni

  3. Thank you, Don. I used more than ten different recordings for the quartets in my DSCH playlist:

    You can browse them using the filter bar, Ctrl+F, then input "string quartet". So far I listened to Emerson's complete set the most, and No. 15 by Kashkashia/Kremer/Ma is also a recording that I often returned to.

  4. :) I am Giovanni, and not Don ! Anyway, thanks for the pointer!


  5. Dear Ulyssestone:

    Your playlists are wonderful! The book regarding string quartets from your wishlist is on its way to you. Thanks so much.


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