Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Christian Carey's Sixty Postwar Pieces to Study on Spotify

Christian Carey, composer and Sequenza 21 editor, made an interesting list of important postwar classical works yesterday. The selected music here are not as formidable as you might think; a degree in music theory surely helps you to see more beauty in Babbitt or Ferneyhough, but most of them only require your attention and open mind. Quote from his original post:

"Note that I am not attempting to give them the “greatest hits” of the past sixty-five years. Instead I strove for a diversity of selections, both watershed masterworks and vibrantly interesting pieces that merit attention, even if they may not be the first ones that come to mind for the given composer. On a different day, we could come up with sixty different pieces: a composer must be prepared for a lifetime of listening, score study, and learning. Even after that, they must also be humbled by the fact that they will only get to a fraction of all the good stuff out there!"

Here's the Spotify playlist: Christian Carey's 60 Postwar Pieces to Study (341 tracks, total time: 28 hours). Ctrl (CMD) + G to browse in album view. See full list and original article here. Thanks Mr. Carey, now, what about making another list of postwar pieces to listen to for us amateur music fans (example), or even postwar pieces to study to for those who think classical music is only tolerable when an exam is coming up?

Note: 14 pieces: No. 4, 6, 18, 20, 22, 23, 26, 32, 35, 36, 50 and 60, are not yet on Spotify.

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