Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Krautrocksampler: Julian Cope's 50 Kosmische Classics on Spotify

Krautrocksampler: One Head's Guide to the Great Kosmische Musik - 1968 Onwards, written by musicologist and former The Teardrop Explodes singer, Julian Cope, is a book describing the underground music scene in Germany from 1968 through the 1970s.

The book comprises a narrative of the rock and roll culture in post-WWII West Germany, along with chapters focusing on individual major artists, including Faust, Tangerine Dream, Neu!, Amon Düül I and II, Ash Ra Tempel, Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser and the Cosmic Jokers and advocate of psychedelic drugs Timothy Leary. It also has an annotated appendix of "50 Kosmische Classics." - Wikipedia

Spotify's Germany team is definitely doing a great job: on day one I already discovered many newly added recordings from German labels: as far as I know, German language version of Kraftwerk (Computerliebe sounds more like the future than Computer Love) and Sergius Golowin appeared for the first time today, and I also saw more recordings from Faust and NEU!. I made this playlist in 2010, when only 24 albums out of Cope's 50 choices were available; today I found 10 more.

Here's the Spotify playlist: Krautrocksampler: Julian Cope's 50 Kosmische Classics (226 tracks, total time: 46 hours) Ctrl (CMD)+G to browse in album view. I haven't read Krautrocksampler (because it's long been out of print and a used copy goes for $200), but Cope's Japrocksampler was such an eye-opener and a great pleasure to read. Get them when  a copy at reasonable price appears, you will find music that other people don't dare to tell you.


  1. I'm lucky enough to have a copy of the book and it's a shame it hasn't been reprinted as it's a good read, though not worth $200.

    Anyway, outstanding work as ever. I didn't realise half of these were on Spotify.

  2. Computerliebe not available in the UK on Spotify :-((

  3. There is a pdf of Krautrocksampler readily available out there. Just don't say I said so and enjoy the superb book!

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