Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deep Listening: Pauline Oliveros and More

"The Deep Listening Band was founded in 1988 by Pauline Oliveros, (accordionist, electronics and composer), Stuart Dempster, (trombonist, didjeridu player and composer) and Panaiotis (vocalist, electronics and composer).

The band is named after Oliveros' term, concept, program and registered servicemark of the Deep Listening Institute, Ltd., Deep Listening, and specializes in performing and recording in resonant or reverberant spaces such as cathedrals and huge underground cisterns including the 2-million-US-gallon (7,600 m3) Fort Worden Cistern which has a 45 second reverberation time." - Wikipedia

"Deep Listening® is a philosophy and practice developed by Pauline Oliveros that distinguishes the difference between the involuntary nature of hearing and the voluntary selective nature of listening. The result of the practice cultivates appreciation of sounds on a heightened level, expanding the potential for connection and interaction with one's environment, technology and performance with others in music and related arts.

The practice of Deep Listening provides a framework for artistic collaboration and musical improvisation and gives composers, performers, artists of other disciplines, and audiences new tools to explore and interact with environmental and instrumental sounds." - Official site

I put together a playlist containing all recordings on the Deep Listening label, as well as the Deep Listening Band's other releases on New Albion, Music and Arts, with Deep Listening Band – Then & Now/ Now & Then: Celebrating 20 Years at the beginning.

Get this collection here: Deep Listening: Pauline Oliveros and More (308 tracks, total time 46 hours) Ctrl (CMD) + G to browse in album view. For a guide for Oliveros' music, read Tom Service's  introduction on The Guardian.

Happy 80th birthday to one of the great pioneers of electronic music.