Friday, August 10, 2012

Iannis Xenakis: Reverse Chronological Catalogue

"Iannis Xenakis (1922 –2001) was a Greek composer, music theorist, and architect-engineer. After 1947, he fled Greece, becoming a naturalized citizen of France. He is commonly recognized as one of the most important post-war avant-garde composers. Xenakis pioneered the use of mathematical models in music such as applications of set theory, stochastic processes and game theory and was also an important influence on the development of electronic music. He integrated music with architecture, designing music for pre-existing spaces, and designing spaces to be integrated with specific music compositions and performances." - Wikipedia

This reverse chronological playlist was compiled after the catalog on the composer's official site; from O-Mega (1997) to Six Chansons (1951).

Get this collection in one Spotify playlist: Iannis Xenakis: Reverse Chronological Catalogue (130 tracks, total time: 21 hours). Ctrl (CMD) + G to browse in album view. If you are not familiar with this composer, try Psappha, Persephassa and Tetras first.

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  1. Coindicence! I'm in the process of building the same playlist myself -- but in forward chronology, and much more slowly, since I'm listening as I'm building.

    I'm as far as Nomos Alpha, and until now our lists have exactly the same works, so it seems probable that neither of us has missed anything. (Incidentally, if I can find them for a reasonable price, I'm also acquiring the works missing from Norwegian Spotify -- so far Pithoprakta (which I owned already), ST/48, Bohor, Hiketides, Terretektorh, Oresteïa, Polytope de Montréal and Medea.)

    Of the post-Metastaseis works so far, only the "game pieces" Duel and Stratégie seem utterly unavailable -- no wonder really, considering their nature.