Wednesday, August 15, 2012

John Luther Adams: Complete Recordings on Spotify

"Called 'one of the most original musical thinkers of the new century' (Alex Ross, The New Yorker), John Luther Adams is a composer whose life and work are deeply rooted in the natural world.

Adams composes for orchestra, chamber ensembles, percussion and electronic media, and his music is recorded on Cold Blue, New World, Mode, Cantaloupe, and New Albion.

A recipient of the Heinz Award for his contributions to raising environmental awareness, Adams has also been honored with the Nemmers Prize from Northwestern University 'for melding the physical and musical worlds into a unique artistic vision that transcends stylistic boundaries.'" - Official site

Get all available recordings of this composer in one Spotify playlist: John Luther Adams: Complete Recordings (104 tracks from 14 albums, total time: 12 hours). Ctrl (CMD) + G to browse in album view. Also check out the composer's site for his writings, including the fascinating In Search of An Ecology of Music.

Further listening:  Adams began his studies of music as a member of a rock band, and his admiration for the music of Frank Zappa led him to explore the works of Edgard Varèse, Igor Stravinsky, John Cage, and Morton Feldman. Check out these links for playlists.


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